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Day 397+2, Hamburg, 28.122 km How do you put an end to a 13-month adventure? It is difficult. I’ve been delaying this article for the last two days, as if I wanted to extend the trip a bit, as if I could leave at any time, as if Hamburg was only a stop like theLire la suite « … »

Strike Day

Day 390, Vienna, 27.096 km It’s been more than a year since I left Hamburg, more than a year since I have been giving you, my faithful readers, regular (more or less) news, chronicling in my articles the time and the kilometers that pass. And all this without having exercised at least once a fundamentalLire la suite « Strike Day »


Day 383, Ljubljana, 26.445 km Leaving Zadar, I know that I have only two days left to spend in Croatia before reaching Slovenia and Ljubljana. I decide to treat myself a nice climax and I concoct an appetizing program:  a crossing of the Dinaric Alps (the mountain range that borders the Adriatic coast and atLire la suite « Climax »

Return point

Day 377, Zadar, 25.967 km Last night, I am near Šibenik. I have been away for 376 days, I have ridden 25.890 km. I am at a crossroads. On the left, the road goes south in the direction of Split, Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Albania, Greece… On the right, it goes up north and towards Zadar, towardsLire la suite « Return point »


Day 374, Rijeka, 25.590 km After a well-deserved weekend of rest, after a solid breakfast and after taking Marie (who had come to meet me in Trieste) back to her car, I get back on the bike and on the road. I conscientiously follow the blue signs « Slovenia » which are supposed to lead me toLire la suite « Corona-Test »

Like Germans say, “Man trifft sich immer zweimal im Leben“

Day 363, Pescara, 24.261 km After arriving in Bari, I struggle (a little) to climb the two floors that lead to the hostel while carrying bike and luggage. I hear the manager swearing « another huge bike! Well, I think, another cyclist is already there! Indeed, I quickly meet Florian, German living in Denmark, who leftLire la suite « Like Germans say, “Man trifft sich immer zweimal im Leben“ »

Finals Day

Day 359, Lecce, 23.685 km 5:35. I hear voices, people walking around the tent. It’s a bit early to go hiking. At the same time if we take into account the fact that between 9 am and 6 pm it’s more than 30°, it seems to make sense to leave early in the morning… MeLire la suite « Finals Day »

Etna; Etna

Day 355, Crotone, 23.071 km If you want to read with music, here is the original soundtrack (think « Etna » during the chorus, you’ll see it’s like you’re there).  Then, for those who are worried about my water state, you should know that since my acid pamphlet, my indictment of the water terrorists in these sameLire la suite « Etna; Etna »

The (blue) gold miner

Day 350, Syracuse, 22.453 km If you haven’t yet read Le Clézio’s book (« Le chercheur d’or ») that I had the good fortune (or bad fortune? I can’t say, but I don’t have any lasting memories of it) to read during my first year of prep school, please do so (unless you really don’t have theLire la suite « The (blue) gold miner »


Day 346, Palermo, 21.850 km I can hear the reactions of some of you already: « What? Another article? But it’s only been two days… He should spend more time pedaling than writing his nonsense… » And then right after: « Cecilia. But who is she? What has he been up to again? « . Don’t worry, I’ll makeLire la suite « Cecilia… »

All roads lead to Rome!

Day 336, Rome, 20.683 km The more time I spend in Italy, the more I find my GPS application lousy. Unnecessary detours on crappy roads, ridiculously high elevation announced (it must be the tunnels, but still), so I try more and more to follow the road signs. Besides, I was going to Rome, and asLire la suite « All roads lead to Rome! »

Between the lakes

Day 329, Milano, 19.907 km After the lakes in Austria, the lakes in Switzerland, here are the lakes in Italy! A must-see according to all the guidebooks I consulted before leaving, I can confirm that it is worth the detour: white swans on blue waters, with snow-covered peaks in the background and a cloudless skyLire la suite « Between the lakes »

The Clutch!

Day 325, Torino, 19.406 km There were many highlights during these last days, which would have deserved a title as well: the sea, the creeks, the family reunion, the Alps, the passes, the border guards, Italy… there was no lack of candidates. But the one that won the prize (and hands down, it must beLire la suite « The Clutch! »

On the road of Le Tour

Day 294, Toulouse, 17.377 km There was the alpine stage, with Sandrine and Le B this fall. And there was the Pyrenean stage in spring, this time alone and without the sweater (lost in Sevilla) nor the tie (I had borrowed the one from Le B at the time). The purists will point out thatLire la suite « On the road of Le Tour »

La Vuelta de Iberica!

Day 290, Pau, 17.066 km And that’s it. With this new stopover in Pau at Marie and Florent’s, I completed my tour of the Iberian Peninsula. It was mountainous (a lot), rainy (especially towards the end), a bit long sometimes, a bit lonely too, but above all beautiful. Breathtaking landscapes, the sea, the mountains, theLire la suite « La Vuelta de Iberica! »

Rain and Fog

Day 286, Santander, 16.515 km While talking with the hostel manager before leaving Oviedo (in Spanish please!), I tell her about my intention to go to the Picos de Europa park. She has a little grin, as if to say, “Well, that guy must not have looked at the weather forecast” and says, “I hopeLire la suite « Rain and Fog »

The Camino de Santiago

Day 280, Santiago de Compostella, 15.819 km Like many things since the beginning of this trip, I had been told about it, but apparently hearing and feeling are not the same thing. « Santiago de Compostela, you’ll see, you need to climb it ». « The north of Spain, you don’t stop going up and down”. I haveLire la suite « The Camino de Santiago »

Bom Bia!!

Day 272, Coimbra, 15.066 km I must admit that, despite my 9 days in Portugal, my language skills are limited to saying « Hello » and « Thank you ». I asked at least 5 people how to say « I’m sorry, I don’t speak Portuguese, do you speak English? » only to forget it right away. But that doesn’t stopLire la suite « Bom Bia!! »

April Fool(s)!!!!

Day 262, Sevilla, 13.830 km I don’t know if the tradition of April Fool’s is very popular in Spain, but I decided to make jokes to myself for a few days to mark the occasion. More than doubtful roads, highways, military zones, sand, forbidden bridges, mosquitoes, we had a good laugh with Jay and Bob,Lire la suite « April Fool(s)!!!! »

The slap!

Day 253, Almeria, 13.010 km It’s always the same thing. Considering the relief of the area it happens quite often. Several times a day at the moment. The road has been going up for a few kilometers. The drivers of the cars that overtake me raise their thumb, as if to say « Courage! ». The cyclistsLire la suite « The slap! »

¿ Donde vas?

Day 248, Valencia, 12.410 km I’ve played out the scene in my head at least four or five times over the past few days. Especially yesterday, when I saw a sign in the distance that said « State of alert! Access only to people with authorization ». The passage from Catalonia to the Valencian Community. A policeLire la suite « ¿ Donde vas? »

Twelve… Thousand…

Day 245, Barcelona, 12.000 km Twelve. And thousand. Probably the two numbers I use the most in everyday language. So I have to write an article to celebrate the event. I’ve been in Barcelona for a week. Enough time to repair my bike, to do touristy stuff, to rest, to cook, and to ride myLire la suite « Twelve… Thousand… »

A Pyrrhic victory

Day 240, Barcelona, 11.833 km Alas, the hardest part was done, the Pyrenees were cleared, the border was passed, morale was high and a good night’s rest was in sight. But a moment of inattention, a tight turn in the road unfortunately undid all these beautiful plans and put an end to the glorious journeyLire la suite « A Pyrrhic victory »


Day 192, Avignon, 11.231 km I had left Jay at the repair shop before the holidays, my heart full of hope and my head full of plans, already rejoicing at the idea of ​​skirting the Mediterranean from Spain, hair in the wind and facing the sun, while the rest of Europe would suffer from coldLire la suite « DOUBLE BREAK! »


Day 154, Avignon, 10.763 km Here we are, slowly but surely, I’m approximately halfway. 5 months already since I left under the sun in Hamburg, and I ended up arriving in Avignon. And since Jay was starting to limp a little (I’m breaking a spoke every other day at the moment), I decided to offerLire la suite « Christmas! »

It’s Raclette time!!

Day 147, Toulouse, 10.251 km The advantage of being welcomed by friends and family is that the question of meals often comes up: « Is there something that would make you happy? – Everything except rice. And I eat a lot”. People also know that I love cheese (where I go, cheese platters die out), soLire la suite « It’s Raclette time!! »

The cyclist and the sun

Day 142, Bordeaux, 9.835 km A cyclist who has cycled all summer,Found himself very helplessWhen the North wind came.Impossible during the dayTo warm up just one moment.He went to yell scandalTo the Sun, this vandal,Begging him to lend himSome ray to subsistUntil March or April.I will pay you, he said,Before August, if I ride,Principal andLire la suite « The cyclist and the sun »

COVID stopped me…

Day 108, Nouan Le Fuzelier, 8.628 km Confucius used to say that a picture speaks more than 1000 words … Here is my picture for today: But since I have to find new occupations for the 8 hours of cycling a day that I will not be doing for the next month, I will startLire la suite « COVID stopped me… »

Bike overboard!!

Day 92, Rouen, 7.592 km A new initiation for Jay and Bob in the last days: we went to see the sea! To be fair, we are talking about the North Sea, I did not dare to go for a dip either, but it is still the sea! And on top of things, under theLire la suite « Bike overboard!! »

Back to the roots

Day 83, Frankfurt, 6.597 km 8 days. An eternity. An 8 days break (I am not counting the trip to Strasbourg, I had no luggage and no mountains to climb to justify it), 8 days without biking. In one go, almost as many days off as in the previous month and a half, and ILire la suite « Back to the roots »

The longest day

Day 73, Barr, 6.084 km It flashed through my mind as I was planning my trip between Beaune and Barr: “What if …”. Then it went away quickly and I didn’t think about it anymore. And on the road to Besançon it came back: “What if I did it in one day …”. And theLire la suite « The longest day »

Autumn Break

Day 68, Beaune, 5.728 km Change of pace since the last article: I’ve spent more time eating and drinking than riding my bike during the past week. Some memorable moments anyway: part of journey at night, the 4 passes of the Chartreuse massif, the departure from La Féclaz under the storm, or the “Chemin desLire la suite « Autumn Break »

Never say never

Day 60, Lyon, 5.228 km It’s over, my pneumatic immunity is gone… The question often came up during conversations on the road: “What about incidents? – I was really lucky so far, just a spoke to change and some worn brake pads – Not a single flat tire? – Not one !” When I arriveLire la suite « Never say never »

Les jolies colonies de vacances, … (song from Pierre Perret)

For these who are not 100% familiar with French music, this might help understand the title: Day 54, Clermont, 4.947 km July 1997, a small village lost in the heart of the Ardèche region, France. Little Pierre is torn between contradictory feelings: on one hand, he will have to live without his mother forLire la suite « Les jolies colonies de vacances, … (song from Pierre Perret) »

Sweet France

Day 51, Valence, 4.641 km No offense to my Berlin, Vienna and Rolle friends (and hosts), France has a little something that the countries I have just crossed do not have: it is (very) densely populated with family members, friends, friends of family members, friends of friends, etc … which makes its crossing much livelier!Lire la suite « Sweet France »

Winter is coming!

Day 48, Rolle, 4.302 km It seems that winter is coming (scientists agree that it begins around December 21, let’s see if it’s like that this year again…) and the last days have shown me that I was clearly not equipped for it… Cycling in the rain, all right, but in the snow, not allLire la suite « Winter is coming! »

Life for two…

Day 40, Hohenems (let’s say Bregenz), 3.486 km Two days, two stages, two bikes, two cyclists, two pairs of sunglasses, two… (I can still go on like this for a long time but we’re not going to make an article of it… let’s get back to business!!). For the first time since leaving Hamburg, ILire la suite « Life for two… »

Alps-inists !

Day 37, Innsbruck, 3.241 km What a day! This 34th day of travel will remain in history books and this for several reasons: first departure in the cold with use of the Autumn-Winter 2020 cycling outfit, a pass at 2,500 m, the 3,000 km mark reached during the descent and finally a “surprise” pass atLire la suite « Alps-inists ! »

One month already…

Day 32, Salzburg, 2.857 km Yes, it’s been a month since Bob joined us. A month of pure happiness, learning how to live with a little Dino, interrupted nights, special moments, changed diapers and prepared baby bottles… It’s also been a month since we left Hamburg. Jay took some scratches. Bob neither put on weightLire la suite « One month already… »

One day in hell

Day 19, Olomouc, 1.636 km And I thought that it would be a piece of cake, that it would pass handily, that it would go like a knife through butter … (and the list is long, I could go on for a little while – I am not 100% sure of the English translation though,Lire la suite « One day in hell »

Prague Summer

Day 16, Prague, 1.351 km Like the Czechs in 68 (I realize that the comparison is a bit ambitious but I needed to explain the title of the article …) I have just made my own revolution: I did not pedal for a single second during the last two days! However, I still wanted toLire la suite « Prague Summer »

Encounters on the road

Day 7, Dresden, 624 km Arrived yesterday evening in Dresden, I spent the day sightseeing (a little), eating (a lot) and resting (a lot too, including a nap in the shade of an oak tree in a park, amazing!). But I do not forget my obligations to all of you who are wondering if JayLire la suite « Encounters on the road »

Berlin calling…

Day 4, Berlin, 344 km Before starting with the story of my adventures, I would first like to thank you all for all your messages and comments on the blog, it was a nice surprise when I turned my phone back on when I arrived in Berlin. I hope you won’t be mad at meLire la suite « Berlin calling… »

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