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COVID stopped me…

Day 108, Nouan Le Fuzelier, 8.628 km Confucius used to say that a picture speaks more than 1000 words … Here is my picture for today: But since I have to find new occupations for the 8 hours of cycling a day that I will not be doing for the next month, I will startLire la suite « COVID stopped me… »

Bike overboard!!

Day 92, Rouen, 7.592 km A new initiation for Jay and Bob in the last days: we went to see the sea! To be fair, we are talking about the North Sea, I did not dare to go for a dip either, but it is still the sea! And on top of things, under theLire la suite « Bike overboard!! »

Back to the roots

Day 83, Frankfurt, 6.597 km 8 days. An eternity. An 8 days break (I am not counting the trip to Strasbourg, I had no luggage and no mountains to climb to justify it), 8 days without biking. In one go, almost as many days off as in the previous month and a half, and ILire la suite « Back to the roots »

The longest day

Day 73, Barr, 6.084 km It flashed through my mind as I was planning my trip between Beaune and Barr: “What if …”. Then it went away quickly and I didn’t think about it anymore. And on the road to Besançon it came back: “What if I did it in one day …”. And theLire la suite « The longest day »

Autumn Break

Day 68, Beaune, 5.728 km Change of pace since the last article: I’ve spent more time eating and drinking than riding my bike during the past week. Some memorable moments anyway: part of journey at night, the 4 passes of the Chartreuse massif, the departure from La Féclaz under the storm, or the “Chemin desLire la suite « Autumn Break »

Never say never

Day 60, Lyon, 5.228 km It’s over, my pneumatic immunity is gone… The question often came up during conversations on the road: “What about incidents? – I was really lucky so far, just a spoke to change and some worn brake pads – Not a single flat tire? – Not one !” When I arriveLire la suite « Never say never »

Les jolies colonies de vacances, … (song from Pierre Perret)

For these who are not 100% familiar with French music, this might help understand the title: Day 54, Clermont, 4.947 km July 1997, a small village lost in the heart of the Ardèche region, France. Little Pierre is torn between contradictory feelings: on one hand, he will have to live without his mother forLire la suite « Les jolies colonies de vacances, … (song from Pierre Perret) »

Chargement en cours…

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