Twelve… Thousand…

Day 245, Barcelona, 12.000 km

Twelve. And thousand. Probably the two numbers I use the most in everyday language. So I have to write an article to celebrate the event.

I’ve been in Barcelona for a week. Enough time to repair my bike, to do touristy stuff, to rest, to cook, and to ride my bike a bit too. All this with a great sun and very mild temperatures: I can confirm, cycling is much more pleasant in non-winter.

First of all, repairs: Jay got a new pair of pedals and wheels, enough to ride for 12.000 km more (at least I hope so).

Then tourism: with my personal guide Liz, we spent a day visiting different nice places in Barcelona: Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Palau Güell, and the Sagrada Familia (under construction of course, like 80% of the monuments since the beginning of the trip), visit some open restaurants, all that with the beach never far away.

The Hospital de Sant Pau
The roof of the Palau Güell
The Sagrada Familia

Rest and cooking: I don’t need to tell you the details, but I had to deserve the gracious hospitality of my hosts so I took care of the meals from time to time (but not too often either, let’s be honest)

Finally riding: I was missing 167 km, so a first loop Tibidabo – Monserrat – Rellinars – Cerdanyola del Vallès, 130 km and 2.000 m of difference in altitude, all with rather nice landscapes, a great sun but not too hot: a treat! Then a small ride the next day, passing by Montjuic (I had to go through all the main summits around Barcelona) and the Camp Nou, just to do the last kilometers that were missing. That’s it. Tomorrow we leave on the roads, under the tent, in direction of Valencia, hoping that the COVID doesn’t catch us on the way!

Ministrol de Montserrat
The cemetery of Collserola
The Camp Nou

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