Adventure in known territory

Day 234, Saint-Thibéry, 11.467 km

New start, new year, new wheel, new companions on the road, but the landscapes have not changed for the moment. At least not too much. The weather is a little bit better (I count for the moment more sunburns than rain showers, so automatically less flooded roads) than last time (remember, it was December), I’m happy to get back on the bike and find some known roads. Avignon, Saint-Gilles, the Camargue, the Rhône to Sète canal, Aigues Mortes, the sea, the coast, and finally a royal welcome (and in tandem!) at Chantal and Olivier’s place! A good start before going to Spain.

The welcoming committee is this time on the road!
And today the road is dry

And apart from a much better weather, I’m also in much better company: in addition to a bike that doesn’t respond to me and a dino that squeaks a bit when it’s not too cold, I now have Marion and Athénée as my road partners.

Marion is a fan of Dikkenek and Armaggeddon.
She supports culture, theater and song.
A few months ago she resigned.
When I offered her a bike-trip, she said action.
And the next day, she went to Decathlon.

Athénée she found there,
Nothing to complain about, a faithful steed
A bit squeamish on the ascents, of course
But always present, when things start to get crazy…
She’s always at full throttle, all day long.

Ready for departure
The sun rises on the edge of the canal

We’re a bit ambitious the first two days (77 km then 94 km, some would say that for someone who hasn’t been cycling seriously for several years it’s even very ambitious), but Marion quickly shares with me her favorite quote (« Pain is only information » – Erg, Alain Damasio). However, my reasonable side takes over and I prepare a slightly lighter program until Barcelona: rest on Sunday to avoid the rain showers, ride to Sète on Monday to get back on the road and a quiet departure on Tuesday.

Road by the sea…
… before a small picnic on the beach

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the borders are open to cyclists and that the next post will come from Barcelona! See you soon!

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