Mars, a pleasure you can’t measure

Day 229, Avignon, 11.231 km

As one of you said in your comment on the last post, the title of this article was already given. I took the liberty of playing with the punctuation to give the impression that the title comes from me anyway. But that’s not the point…

After almost two and a half months of break (except for the short rides around Avignon and the trip to Marseille), I’m about to finally get back on the road! With the added bonus of a mystery guest that I will introduce you to in the coming weeks… Short-term objectives: reach the sea, go along the coast towards the South, cross the border with Spain (it’s not done yet, but we’ll try to sneak through the smugglers’ routes), and arrive in Barcelona. Pedal will tell!

But before leaving again, I’ll give you a short summary of the last two months:

  • 1.900 km covered… by train (I promise, from now on I stop)
  • 1,031 shear strokes (a short conversion into a farm worker to shear vines in Alsace)
  • 18 books (I had to keep busy on the train)
  • 9 pairs of new socks (many of you have taken pity on my feet… thank you for them!).
  • 8 different beds (thanks again to the friends and family who welcome me!!)
  • 5 spokes (that I will now have with me if my rear wheel starts to break down again)
  • 3 newborns (did you say lockdown-babies?)
  • Most used word:  » masterclass  » (32.656 times during a weekend in Lyon)
  • Most frequently asked question: « Where did you park your bike » (I convinced people that I was crazy enough to ride my bike in the snow).
  • Minimum temperature: -12°C (well not that crazy, I knew it was a good idea to take a break)

And as it would be a shame to have a post without picture, I leave you with my colleagues vine trimmers… Talk to you soon from the road!

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