Prague Summer

Day 16, Prague, 1.351 km

Like the Czechs in 68 (I realize that the comparison is a bit ambitious but I needed to explain the title of the article …) I have just made my own revolution: I did not pedal for a single second during the last two days! However, I still wanted to give some news and share pictures of Prague. I didn’t cycle, but I did walk, eat, drink and talk a lot. An orgy of new encounters compared to the last 15 days: a future Polish cyber security specialist, professional English poker players, a future Chinese-Dutch economist, a Mexican emigrated to Warsaw, … it feels good to meet people and to share a little more than with a bicycle and a plastic dino.

Prague is in any case a very beautiful city, where it is pleasant to walk, even if the hordes of tourists are everywhere. In addition, I had wonderful weather (although they predict rain for tomorrow, the day I decide to leave of course …) all day to accompany my peregrinations. Without further delays, here is my small selection of photos of Prague that you probably won’t see in a tourist guide (some maybe anyway):

Vaclav Poppins, Mary’s Czech cousin
I would have sat down too, but with the sun…

Charles’ Bridge: did you say social distancing?
They should have their statue on the bridge too

I wanted to take a nap in the castle gardens: fail

On the other hand, the banks of the Vltava: success!
Prague seen from the Castle
The Lennon Wall
More classic: the astronomical clock
Wenceslas Square

Departure tomorrow, in the direction of Moravia with Bratislava and Vienna in sight for next weekend!

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